Sunday, February 23, 2014

Time to get hopping!

It's snowing again in the Big Sky Country, and my thoughts are turning toward new beginnings, spring, and warmer weather.  At least all the snow shoveling is giving me a killer workout.

So as we writers are peeking our heads out of our little holes, wincing in the brightness of the light, hoping we don't see our shadows (please no more winter), we start planning events.

There are a few blog hops and fairs I'd like you all to know about.

First of all there is a blog hop being hosted by the lovely ladies of Books to Go Now: Jennifer Conner, Danica Winters, and Sharon Kleve.

As of now there are over 60 authors signed up, all you have to do is click on their link and leave a comment.  There are prizes to be given away including a Kindle paper white device and an Amazon gift card.  I will also be giving away prizes.

Another blog hop being sponsored by Dianne Venetta, April 7th through 16th.  

There will also be prizes and fun stories.  

If you are going to be in the Missoula Area, I will be at the Missoula Women's Fair on March 22nd.
I will be in attendance with other local female authors, including Casey Dawes and Danica Winters.

So come on down and buy a book, get it signed, talk with these amazing women, and me.

Be sure to check back and I'll have the links to the hops.

Hope to see you at these events!

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