Wednesday, December 25, 2013

A Clever Gift Becomes Oddly Relevant

So my parents were being a bit cheeky this Christmas and got me this...

Ha ha, a good laugh was shared by all.  I dramatically read the back of the box then opened it and read the inside...

A code?  Like "Angel's Code?"  

It gets weirder...

A small envelope was contained inside the box.  An invitation... hmm.  I secreted into my room and opened it.  A small folded piece of paper inside read:

"You have fallen under the spell of Angel's fleeting star."


Then another sheet of paper read:

"By adopting Angel... you enter the boldest of all universes, where your dreams and fantasies come true."

With the code, I was invited to enter a "Circle."  How exclusive!  An inner circle of trust.  

Anyhoo, I'm pretty freaked out by this.  I always find it amazing how unrelated things often connect.

I hope you all had an equally surprising and wonderful Christmas.

P.S. The perfume ain't too shabby either.