Wednesday, December 25, 2013

A Clever Gift Becomes Oddly Relevant

So my parents were being a bit cheeky this Christmas and got me this...

Ha ha, a good laugh was shared by all.  I dramatically read the back of the box then opened it and read the inside...

A code?  Like "Angel's Code?"  

It gets weirder...

A small envelope was contained inside the box.  An invitation... hmm.  I secreted into my room and opened it.  A small folded piece of paper inside read:

"You have fallen under the spell of Angel's fleeting star."


Then another sheet of paper read:

"By adopting Angel... you enter the boldest of all universes, where your dreams and fantasies come true."

With the code, I was invited to enter a "Circle."  How exclusive!  An inner circle of trust.  

Anyhoo, I'm pretty freaked out by this.  I always find it amazing how unrelated things often connect.

I hope you all had an equally surprising and wonderful Christmas.

P.S. The perfume ain't too shabby either.


  1. How wonderful! My mother made a treasure hunt for me using similar words... secret fleeting star, entering the sacred trust. She did it on my 12th birthday. I want to be a writer some day, so I write every day. My Mom and I read about you in Mary Jane's Magazine. We will be following you! May God Bless You as you write and live!

    1. Thank you for stopping by. Good luck on your writing. I must say it is the both the most frustrating and most rewarding thing I've ever done!