Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Musical Inspiration (SinC-Up Blog Hop)

Music is the ultimate of inspirations. People listen to music to get pumped up while on the treadmill at the gym, to unwind after a stressful day, to get into the (wink wink) mood.

I am always listening to music while I write. I tend to go for some dark, yet energetic songs. Mostly they are Alternative Rock, but sometimes, I throw it a throwback classic.

Having always been the mixed tape type of person, I now make up playlists to go along with what I'm writing.

Nothing puts me in a good mood for writing about bad-ass hackers like a great group of songs.
(Click on the songs to watch the videos)

Here are some of the songs/artists to whom I listen to get in the mood:
She's Long Gone  by  The Black Keys
     I love The Black Keys for their gritty, underground vibe.

Fresh Blood by the Eels
The Eels I discovered late, but thank goodness for iTunes and their recommendations. I guess Fresh Blood is the opening song for some kind of show about vampires, I had no clue.

Take Me Out  by  Franz Ferdinand
I used to listen to this song full blast in my car with the windows rolled down, like a gangsta. Except that I'm horrifyingly white and drove a Hyundai Accent.

Do I Want to Know by Arctic Monkeys
  I like this for the same reason I like The Black Keys, except it's more rock.

Tainted Love covered by Imelda May
     Rock-a-billy cover of a great 80's song? Hell yeah!

Let's Dance by David Bowie
     Since I'm in an 80's mood. I'll listen to any Bowie, actually. Except for that one he did with Mick Jagger - that one sucks.

What the Water Gave Me by Florence + The Machine
     I love her haunting voice and lyrics. Makes me want to sit alone in a dark room and hug myself.

I guess that gives you a good look at my musical tastes, though that is just the tip of the iceberg of my musical collection.

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