Sunday, May 10, 2015

How about a little Mary Jane?

Yeah, I know, when I heard the title "Mary Janes Farm" it raised my eyebrows too. But my older sister told me to "trust" her and she handed me this great magazine to which I became instantly addicted. Gardening, cooking, baking, crafting, all with western flair, speaking to cowgirl and urban cowgirl alike. 
I loved the style, the writing, and the gorgeous photography from Mary Jane Butters and crew. I ended up writing an article for them and now it is printed and available for you to read. (Thanks to SDQuilter and Blaze Champion for letting me know - I haven't gotten my copy yet.) Here is a link to their site:

If you enjoy great ideas, cooking, and organic living, I suggest reading this magazine. And welcome and thank you to all those who saw my article and decided to "trust" me and check me out.

Thank you also to the editors and staff at Mary Janes Farm for making me look as awesome as they are.

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  1. I live in Australia & I have a subscription with Mary Jane Farm. I read your article and came to your blog. Spending a bit of time reading it now. Hope you still do the markets in school break.