Tuesday, October 8, 2013

We now return you to your regularly scheduled life

So my life has been crazy.  Week after week of work, markets, and critique meetings and now my calendar is finally clearing up.
Two weekends ago, I went to my first writer's conference.  It was sponsored by the Montana Chapter of the Romance Writers Association.  Yeah, I know.  I'm not a romance writer.  Now I know what a man feels like in a room full of estrogen high women, much like the houseboys I work with at the sorority.  The seminars were good, I learned a lot, and I met a bunch of great women. Including a woman who looked exactly like my mom.  It was erie.
So I got home last Sunday and dove right into Homecoming weekend.  I'm not in college, I'm not an alumni, but I do belong to Pug Club, and we march in the parade every year.  This year the theme was "Up with Montana" thus our club and every other entry in the parade dressed as the movie "UP!"
I have to admit we were the cutest.  I volunteered to make the floating house, and then we all dressed up like the old man, and our pugs were clouds.

Aren't they adorable, and miserable looking?  

So our parade went well, and I'm glad it's over.  Now I can get back to my routine. Work, exercise and write.  Here's hoping.

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