Monday, June 3, 2013

Canine Envy


These are my two dogs, Fritter and Flapjack.  Fritter is a three year old puggle, an pug beagle mix.  Flapjack is a white hot ball of puggy fury.  I bought Flapjack a month ago because Fritter's companion had died earlier in the spring, and she still wasn't acting like herself.  So I figured that since my job was about to go on summer hiatus, it would be a good time to get a puppy.  I would have time to train it, and Fritter  could enjoy her days playing with her new companion.  
I soon began to realize how parents of human children feel when they decide to have another baby.  The only thing you remember when making the decision is how cute they are, how wonderful they smell - yes, I love the smell of "puppy breath" - and how much fun it is to watch them play and discover new things.  What everyone forgets is the lack of sleep, the boundless energy, the constant monitoring, worrying, and pulling things out of mouths.  Not to mention the jealous sibling rivalries.  
It took weeks for Fritter to play with the puppy, but finally she has begrudgingly accepted that Flapjack is here to stay.
I, however, have begun to resent them, and anyone who is able to sleep in past five am.  I am jealous that these two dogs insist on waking so early to go outside and be served breakfast.  Then they play furiously for thirty minutes and then crash for the rest of the morning.  Meanwhile, I'm now fully awake, and once I'm up, I'm up.  I wish I could fall asleep as quick and sound as the dogs do.  I wish I could wake up to fresh coffee and the paper at the ready.  
I guess it's my boulder to push up the hill, and I guess I asked for it.

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